High School Graduates and Academic Education: What Do They Expect?

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This paper treats the problem of personal goals of high schools in Serbia regarding choice of university as a next step in professional life. We have investigated personal traits of respondents, their attitudes towards education as such, their criteria of selecting an university and their expectations of the future. Questionnaire-based survey has been used, data was statistically analysed and then discusses. What we have found is that generation of high-school graduates surveyed expresses goals and attitudes of such a features that could be titled as pseudo-conservative.


This paper presents results of a survey conveyed in 2016 at high school students in Serbia. The sample of 354 students was used (412 questionnaires have been distributed, 354 received)

Main goal of the research was to find out attitudes and goals of high school students regarding education as such, regarding perceived qualities of potential universities and regarding some distinct features that could be helpful in selecting a particular university they would enrol in.

The research was conveyed in a classical paper based manner, during two days period. Paper questionnaires were collected and then coded electronically, using MS Excel. All statistical procedures (descriptive statistics, chi-squared method) were done by IMB SPSS Statistics.