We live in a global society, one that carries complex problems which require thorough analysis and creative and swift solutions. With faster changes – an indisputable condition for successfully adapting to global trends, information is continuously faster, also affecting their quality.

Our task in ERISS is to ensure an efficient, interdisciplinary and, above all, objective treatment of the past and present as well as to identify future challenges based on objective facts, taking into account all factors affecting the success of the implementation of long-term solutions.


A wide range of our eminent experts and collaborators in the fields of political science, economy, law, ecology, informatics, energy, security, defence, history, sociology and other sciences, enable a comprehensive approach to problem-solving issues and easier identification of promising ideas that promote healthy and balanced economic development, maintain peace and contribute to the creation of universal social prosperity.

In addition to research analytical and advisory activities, part of our agenda is to promote awareness of both academic and wider social circles, ones to be participating actively together with us in the advancement of this world.

Roundtables, youth forums, scientific conferences and educational courses are held within the institute, in co-operation with prestigious European universities and other scientific institutions.

On the pages of the institute, through articles and columns you can enter the viewpoints of renowned experts, publish or buy scientific material, or simply follow the developments surrounding us every day.